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RTC (Real-Time Control) Tools is an open-source toolbox for control and optimization of a wide range of water systems like reservoir cascades, canal systems, pipe networks or river systems. 

RTC-Tools can support operational decisions on a short-term scale (1-2 weeks on time resolution in minutes or hours), mid-term scale (weeks to months) or long-term scale or strategic planning (years).

RTC-Tools can be used as a simulation or optimization "engine" in a Decision Support System (DSS), or as a stand alone tool to:

  • Resolve conflicting objectives, such as the management of a reservoir system towards flood protection, water supply and hydropower production.
  • Find the optimal operational scheme for the water system under given hydrological conditions.
  • Incorporate ensemble forecasts in order to deal with uncertainty and generate robust solutions. Model runs can be carried out for each ensemble member individually, but RTC-Tools can also find an optimal operational scheme for the whole ensemble.
  • Support system analysis for strategic planning of catchment-wide water usage and water allocation, e. g. for climate change studies.