Interfaces and output formats 

  • RTC-Tools comes as Python package 

  • Internal models can be programmed in Modelica  

  •    FEWS Public Interface (Delft-FEWS

  • Input and output 

    • XML (FEWS PI) 

    • Comma separated values (CSV) 


Internal water system model (Modelica

  • Reservoir equation 

  • Flow routing 

    • Time lag 

    • Kinematic wave approximation 

    • Diffusive wave approximation


    • Inertial model 

    • Saint-Venant equations 

  • Hydropower equation 
  • Full flexibility: any other equations can be added using the Modelica language 

Optimization methods 

  • Linear optimization problems 

    • Linear programming 

    • Mixed integer linear programming 

  • Nonlinear optimization problems 

    • Piecewise-linear optimization 

    • Convex optimization with interial point optimizer 

    • Homotopy method


Model feedback control in simulation mode  

  • Python library of control methods for reservoir operations 

  • Modelica library for different modelling approaches for water flow 

  • Full flexibility  

    • add individual control rules with Python 

    • add additional routing methods with Modelica 


Address forecast uncertainty by making ensembles operational 

  • Ensemble mode: find a control scheme that fits to all ensemble members  

  • Tree-based optimization: group similar ensembles and identify critical decision points 


Visualization of the optimization results 
Python code for goals 
Building blocks for water systems: the Deltares-Modelica library