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RE: Creating a 'realistic' leak in a pipeline

Hidde Kats, modified 1 Year ago.

Creating a 'realistic' leak in a pipeline

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I'm using the 'SimpleRouting' objects from the Deltares library to set up a water supply system in Modelica using a mass balance. Some reservoirs are connected to some WTPs (water treatment plants) by pipelines. The WTPs are represented by Terminal boundary conditions. By applying goals and constraints in Python, the optimization results in a water supply system that functions as expected. I succeeded in setting target demands for the WTPs and constraining the connections between the reservoirs and WTPs according to the real capacities of these pipelines.

In reality the pipelines between the reservoirs and WTPs not only have a limited capacity, they also have leaks. I'm trying to include these leaks in the Modelica model aswell, but so far I failed. I tried by adding an extra node between the reservoir and WTP and connecting it to another Terminal boundary condition. By setting the 'demand' of this boundary Terminal to 10% of the demand of the WTP and assigning it to a goal in the Python script using the same priority as the WTP demand goal, I try to simulate a leakage of 10%.

However, this does not work since a WTP is connected to multiple reservoirs and not all reservoirs are used simultaneously to supply the WTP. And because of this, not all pipelines are used simultaneously, but the solver still tries to supply water to the ´Leak Terminal´, while that pipeline might not be used during that timestep.

Do you have any suggestions on how to include these leaks in my fysical model?

Thank you in advance,

With kind regards,

Hidde Kats


Bernhard Becker, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Creating a 'realistic' leak in a pipeline

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Here a quick idea:

Let's say the water system looks like this:

WTP – branch1 – node – branch2 – reservoir.

Now (following your idea), we connect another  branch (branch3) to node and let it end in a terminal.

For the leakage, we add an equation like

branch3.Qout.Q = 0.1 * branch2.Qout.Q

… would that do the trick?