Here is a list of all currently available discussion groups concerning RTC-Tools.

The discussion groups provide a place for RTC-Tools users to help each other. These discussion groups are in no way a replacement for the RTC-Tools support help desk.

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  • BB
    Rank: Youngling

    Bernhard Becker

    Posts:5 Join Date: 1/11/12 Last Post Date: 2/26/19
  • DS
    Rank: Youngling

    Dirk Schwanenberg

    Posts:5 Join Date: 1/25/12 Last Post Date: 5/11/15
  • TV
    Rank: Youngling

    Tom Van Horebeek

    Posts:4 Join Date: 10/29/14 Last Post Date: 5/5/15
  • HK
    Rank: Youngling

    Hidde Kats

    Posts:2 Join Date: 1/17/19 Last Post Date: 2/6/19
  • RB
    Rank: Youngling

    Reinder Brolsma

    Posts:2 Join Date: 7/12/13 Last Post Date: 11/25/13
  • TP
    Rank: Youngling

    Teresa Piovesan

    Posts:1 Join Date: 1/22/19 Last Post Date: 1/22/19
  • TV
    Rank: Youngling

    Tjerk Vreeken

    Posts:1 Join Date: 12/4/14 Last Post Date: 7/24/18
  • AR
    Rank: Youngling

    Alexandra Ribeiro

    Posts:1 Join Date: 7/14/15 Last Post Date: 4/15/20
  • ZK
    Rank: Youngling

    Zaved Khan

    Posts:1 Join Date: 3/1/17 Last Post Date: 3/1/17
  • TK
    Rank: Youngling

    Tim Kerlin

    Posts:1 Join Date: 5/11/17 Last Post Date: 7/23/18