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Reducing output in .csv-file

Tom Van Horebeek, modified 3 Years ago.

Reducing output in .csv-file

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Is it somehow possible to limit the output that is written in the resulting .csv-file?
To clarify, I have a model with a small timestep of 30s for reasons of stability, but I would like to see the results in the .csv-file with a timestep of 5min. This way my model remains stable and the resulting file is resized by a factor 10. I apply this same principle in timeseries_import.xml by using the "interpolationOption", but I can't find something similar for the output. So I don't know if it exists?

Thanks in advance.
Dirk Schwanenberg, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Reducing output in .csv-file

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There is no such option right now.

What you can do is to switch out the csv completely. The most efficient option to get data out is the combined XML/bin option, then read the bin which is just a dump of floats.