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Running RTC-Tools automatically from Matlab

Tom Van Horebeek, modified 3 Years ago.

Running RTC-Tools automatically from Matlab

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I am working with a model in RTC-Tools which is repeatedly started from Matlab but each time with different input. This seems to work fine, except for one thing. At the end of each run in RTC-Tools, RTC-Tools gives the message "C:\Users\...[path of the model]>pause Press any key to continue..." Since I would like to run the model in RTC-Tools at least a few hundred times, it isn't an option to press this key manually after each loop.
I can't press this key automatically in Matlab, because the next command will only be executed after this button is pressed. I also can not give any extra file or command when I call the 'run.bat', because no extra input is allowed.

So is it maybe possible to prevent this pause from happening or to resume automatically after this pause? Thanks in advance!
Dirk Schwanenberg, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Running RTC-Tools automatically from Matlab

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One simple fix is to remove the "pause" statement in your batch.

Also be aware that we have a RTC-Tools Matlab interface available which enables you to run RTC-Tools as a Matlab function.
We will soon move this project to the oss project and make it available for everybody.