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RE: RTC Tools Bottom level of gate

Rebekka Langsch, modified 6 Months ago.

RTC Tools Bottom level of gate

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Hi everyone,
i am currently working an a project in Delft 3d (Version 4.03.01). I want my simulation to change the bottom level of gates depending on the open boundary condition of the inflow.
Therefore i have installed RTC-Tools according to the procedure described here:

I am now trying to run this example of real time gates control:

However, the simulation does not run and the diagnosis file reads:

*** Deltares, FLOW2D3D Version, Mar 14 2018, 09:39:57
***           built from :
***           runid      : rl_var4
***           date,time  : 2018-10-04, 17:31:28

*** MESSAGE Executable for 64-bits platform.
*** MESSAGE Double precision computation using reals of kind    8
*** Start of User Defined Model description
 -  3D controlled gates test.     
*** End   of User Defined Model description

*** MESSAGE Using UNESCO density formulation by default
*** MESSAGE Momentum solver cyclic method is specified
*** MESSAGE DRYFLP and DPSOPT both specified in MD-file. Using DPSOPT: MAX
*** MESSAGE His, map, drogue, and fourier files written in single precision (except for time and horizontal coordinates).
 Creating new trih-rl_var4.dat
 Creating new trih-rl_var4.def
 Creating new trim-rl_var4.dat
 Creating new trim-rl_var4.def
*** ERROR In synchronisation with RTC Routine: SyncFlowRtc_Init.
*** ERROR Flow exited abnormally


Does anyone have an idea what seems to be the problem? Or can anybody provide another (working) example? The manual does not contain any information about the real time control of gates.

Thanks, Rebekka

Bernhard Becker, modified 6 Months ago.

RE: RTC Tools Bottom level of gate

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Dear Rebekka,

You have now installed RTC-Tools 2 ( RTC-Tools 2 is for the real-time control method "model predictive control" (i. e. optimization) and not connected to Delft3D - RTC-Tools 2 has its own hydraulic model. 

Delft3D has a control module which is called D-RTC. This is a similar name, but different to the RTC-Tools 2. I suggest to post your  question in the Delft3D forum:

You have already found the post related to the real time control test case:

There it says that a Delft3D service package is needed in order to use the RTC-module. Is that service package properly installed?

Kind regards,