Below are the instructions to download the games (Levee patroller of CPT operator)

1. Registration

Follow the instructions at "Get started, How to register".

2. Download serious games

After registration you can access the Subversion repository.

Download TortoiseSVN
Subversion client to communicate with the Subversion server.

Go to Windows Explorer (hit WIN+E or right-click on the Start button and click Explore), and create a new folder in a location of your choice. You may want to name it something like "seriousgames."
WARNING: Do not use a directory name containing spaces.

Right click on that folder and choose "SVN Checkout".

Click "Ok" to download this version of the source code.

You will now be prompted for your username and password (these are the same as your credentials for the community environment).

The download will start automatically.

Choose a directory where you want the source code to be placed and execute the checkout command.

Instruction for using Levee Patroller/CPT Operator: pre-compiled

step 1. Compile the game go to System and  start MakeAll.bat

It is possible to open maps and export material using either UnrealEd (\system\unrealed.exe) or UCC decompile (\system\ucc.exe), see various unreal related websites for more information about this.


Step 2. to start the game go to system and start UE2Runtime.exe

Please note that you can only recompile Geo* packages. Other source code is not available!

Download Levee Patroller: compiled 

Here you can download the Special Open source version of Levee Patroller:

Download: 170MB