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To start modelling using XBeach, you will need to download it first. In principle, there are two options:

  1. Download the XBeach source code and compile the executable yourself (see the next section Compile code)
  2. Download a pre-compiled executable suitable for you operating system and needs

Download source code

In order to download the XBeach source code, again two options are available:

  1. Subversion (
  2. ZIP file (see Source code page)

Subversion is a well-known version management system that allows you to always have the most recent source code at hand. It also allows developers to commit changes to the source code, without interferring with other developers. In order to use Subversion, you will need a Subversion client. A well-known client for Windows is Tortoise. If you have registered, you can download the source code via the following URL:

If you do not want to use Subversion, you can download prepared ZIP files with the entire source code from our Source code page. Please be aware that different versions of XBeach can be downloaded and that the most recent ZIP file does not necessarily contain the most recent XBeach version.

Download pre-compiled executable

You can download pre-compiled executables for Windows systems. XBeach is tested for 32-bit Windows versions and on a CentOS Linux system, that is closely related to the Red Hat Linux system. The available downloads are listed on Source code page. Please be aware that different versions of XBeach can be downloaded and that the most recent executables are not necessarily the most recent XBeach version.

As you will see on the download page, XBeach comes in different flavours. Next to the regular XBeach executable, you will find the following executables:

  • MPI
  • netCDF
  • MPI + netCDF 

The MPI executable enables you to use a parallel programming application like MPICH2 to run XBeach over multiple processors and/or computers. The netCDF executable enables you to write XBeach output to a netCDF formatted file, which is particulary interesting for large models and publication of data. The last type of executable enables you to use both.

If you choose to download pre-compiled executables, you can skip the next step in the current menu (so you can skip the Compile code section).

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