Hurricane Sandy

This video shows the simulation of the impact of Hurricane Sandy (October 2012) on the area of Camp Osborne, Brick, NJ, with a 2DH XBeach model. According to XBeach simulations the condo resulted in 32% additional erosion at adjacent location. For more information one is referred to


South Holland

This video shows the simulation of the impact of a large storm (Hs = 9.1 m and SSL = 7.5 m) on the area of South Holland. Offshore wave propagation and morphology is simulated with XBeach-surfbeat. The inundation is simulated with Delft3D-FM. For more information on XBeach see and for Delft3D-FM see Clemens von Gronau created this XBeach model as part of his MSc thesis at Deltares and is hereby acknowledged.

XBeach hydrostatic / surfbeat model

Animation showing waves propagating the coast using the XBeach hydrostatic / surfbeat model (upper panel) and the XBeach non-hydrostatic model (bottom panel).

XBeach non-hydrostatic

XBeach non-hydrostatic simulation with vegetation.