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RE: Grid numbers nx and ny

Thamali Gunaratna, modified 3 Years ago.

Grid numbers nx and ny

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Dear All,

I need to make a matrix of 130*5. So my nx = 130 and ny = 5 or is it nx = 129 and ny = 4?
I am always confused about this.
Because the grids are made one number increased as nx+1 and ny+1.

Please clarify.

Arnold van Rooijen, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: Grid numbers nx and ny

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Hi Thamali,

When you say 'need to make a matrix' are you talking about your Xbeach grid/bathy? XBeach uses a staggered grid which means that the water levels and velocities are not solved at the same locations (i.e. water levels in cell centers, velocities at cell faces) that's why your grid and bathy need to be nx+1 and ny+1 in size. So as a rule of thumb just make sure nx is is always one less than the size of your grid and same for ny.

See also the new manual for details: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306037851_XBeach_Technical_Reference_Kingsday_Release