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Hydrodynamics options

Eliott Bismuth, modified 2 Years ago.

Hydrodynamics options

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Hi there,

I am using XBeach (version Kingsday_x64_netcdf_MPI_2015-10-22_XBeach_v1.22.4867) on a Linux cluster, mainly to validate the modelled wave heights with pressure sensor data (preliminary step) and to compare the runup results with empirical equations. There is no bed dynamics at this point.

I use a very fine regular grid (resolution 1m*1m, nx*ny = 729*1453), with maximum depth around 7m. The offshore boundary is forced with spectrum outputs from a SWAN simulation with a larger domain and a coarser grid (10m*10m).

I want to compare the results with the 3 different hydrodynamics options (stationary, surfbeat mode and non-hydrostatic mode), but I'm a bit lost in the different parameters to use to "activate" them (see the XBlog.txt files for each case):

- for the stationary mode, I only switch on the swave, flow and lwave parameters for the physical processes

- for the surfbeat mode, I switch the swave, single_dir, flow and lwave parameters,

- for the non-hydrostatic mode, I switch the swave, lwave, flow and nonh parameters.

Everything seems to work fine for the stationary and surfbeat modes, but I'm wondering if the parameters I used are the good ones to use for each case ? Are they other parameters to switch on or off (especially for the surfbeat and hydrostatic modes) ?
I also plan to turn on the swrunup parameter for future runs : is it available for the surfbeat mode ?

For the non-hydrostatic mode, I have several problems.
First of all, it takes ages to calculate short wave elevation and velocity time series... Is there a way to reduce this, by specifying less spectrum input points as boundary conditions, or playing with the dtbc parameter, for example ?
Secondly, in my first test run, the wave height outputs were null, so I guess I'm missing something in the parameters ... Any idea ?