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When adressing a model crash or bug, please remember to include an entire model setup in your post that reproduces the crash or exposes the bug. Also add the XBlog.txt file. This is necessary information for people that are trying to help you. Including your model setup can be achieved by adding the zipped run directory (excluding output) as an attachment to the post.


Problem with xb_get_morpho

Francisco Molteni, modified 2 Years ago.

Problem with xb_get_morpho

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Hi Guys,

How are you, i need some help with a tool from matlab toolbox for Xbeach (xb_get_morpho) when i try to extract the results i get this message and i can't fixed... i read an old answer but the error isn't the same

>> xbo=xb_get_morpho(xb,'level',0);
Error using findCrossings (line 61)
x1 and z1 should be vectors with the same size.

Error in xb_get_sedero (line 94)
[xc zc] = findCrossings(x,z(1,emoticon,x,z(i,emoticon);

Error in xb_get_morpho (line 93)
[sed ero dz R Q P] = xb_get_sedero(x,zb,'level',OPT.level);

hope you can help me with that.

Kind Regards

sweetz mwtey, modified 1 Month ago.

RE: Problem with xb_get_morpho

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