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When adressing a model crash or bug, please remember to include an entire model setup in your post that reproduces the crash or exposes the bug. Also add the XBlog.txt file. This is necessary information for people that are trying to help you. Including your model setup can be achieved by adding the zipped run directory (excluding output) as an attachment to the post.


Need help for a first-time setup: Windows 10

E Torres, modified 2 Years ago.

Need help for a first-time setup: Windows 10

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I downloaded XBeach, ran the .exe
Error log says "params.txt" not found
I make a params.txt file with text I got from github
Run the .exe again, says bed.dep file is missing
Search high an low, no bed.dep files available for download anywhere

This bed.dep file seems to be a major roadblock in using this software, after reading that MatLab Toolbox can create bed.dep files I downloaded it but have no idea how to make it work or create a bed.dep file for XBeach.

Where can I get a bed.dep file, and whatever else I need to start running models?