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Fortran Runtime error on non-hydrostatic run

Jaime Calzada-Marrero, modified 4 Months ago.

Fortran Runtime error on non-hydrostatic run

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Hello all!

I just compiled the most recent version (revision 5451) and I was trying to do a non-hydrostatic run when I encountered the following error after the flux calculations...
Flux5095 of5095

Writing short wave time series tonh_reuse.bcf
At line 2953 of file waveparamsnew.F90 (unit = 9998, file = 'nh_reuse.bcf')
Fortran runtime error: Left parenthesis required after '*'

I compiled with gcc version 4.8 openmpi 3.0.0 netcdf 4.5.0

Any help would be appreciated,