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When adressing a model crash or bug, please remember to include an entire model setup in your post that reproduces the crash or exposes the bug. Also add the XBlog.txt file. This is necessary information for people that are trying to help you. Including your model setup can be achieved by adding the zipped run directory (excluding output) as an attachment to the post.


error: severe (40): recursive I/O operation, unit 98, file unknown

Anna Kroon, modified 1 Year ago.

error: severe (40): recursive I/O operation, unit 98, file unknown

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Hi all,


I have compiled xbeach for Linux following the steps described in the post https://oss.deltares.nl/web/xbeach/forum/-/message_boards/view_message/1003831.

When trying to run xbeach (either with or without mpi) I get the following "error: severe (40): recursive I/O operation, unit 98, file unknown".

If I look in the source code this seems to be related to writing the log file. I have checked writing rights.

Is there anyone who knows how to resolve this problem?





Dennis Kemp, modified 12 Days ago.

RE: error: severe (40): recursive I/O operation, unit 98, file unknown

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