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Near bed flow velocity

Oussama Marzouk, modified 1 Year ago.

Near bed flow velocity

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Hello XBEACH users,

Just a quick question: 
I have set up my model and it is running perfectly and the outputs are correct.
I am interested in the flow velocity values "U" but not on the surface. (I presume that the output "U" is the GML velocity at the surface of the sea). Is it possible to have "U" but at the bottom (Near bed or above).

To summerize my problem : Can i have the vertical profile of the flow velocity with XBEACH or not ? 


Menno de Ridder, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Near bed flow velocity

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Hi Oussama,

It is not possible to obtain the vertical profile in XBeach. Only the depth averaged velocity is solved within XBeach.