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Wave grid and wave bin order

Oussama Marzouk, modified 3 Months ago.

Wave grid and wave bin order

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Hello XBEACH-X users,


I have a simple question, i just want to check my model setup.

I have 10 directional bins in my model and i applied a time and space varying spectrum. Attached you may find my params.txt file.

The first time step (first hour) contains a spectrum with mainang = 244° (nautical convention) so it's a south west incident waves.

When running a 2 hours simulation test, xblog shows me that he reads the incident wave between the 6th and the 9th wave bin (attached the wave grid and the xblog).

So i suppose in that case the wave bin number one is at the top (the red line : thetamx) and the last one (10th) is at the bottom (blue line : thetamin) ?


Thanks for your attention.