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RE: 2 time-varying water level signals

Héloise Muller, modified 5 Years ago.

2 time-varying water level signals

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I have run a simulation with 2 time-varying water level signals on the offshore corners with tideloc=2 and paulrevere=1 and the output variable zs0 does not vary like the tide whereas it does with one time-varying water level signal at the offshore boundary, is it normal???
Thank you for your help!

Arnold van Rooijen, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: 2 time-varying water level signals

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Hi Heloise,

I see that this post is already from some time ago. Did you manage to solve the problem? If not, can you attach your model setup?

Oussama Marzouk, modified 2 Months ago.

RE: 2 time-varying water level signals

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Hello Arnold,

I had tested the two time-varying water level signals, and i guess i have the same problem as Héloise.

I tried to put at two lateral boundaries two signals of water level as instructed in the manual, and it seems like Xbeach have a little problem interpolating the water level between the two boundaries (along the offshore boundary). (instability).

I tried also with tideloc = 4 (e.g injecting waterlevel at the 4 corners of my grid). And still the same problem.

However with one time varying signal at the offshore boundary, the run was a success and i had no problem with my water level in every cell of my grid.


Attached you my find my model setup. I put the same waterlevel signal  in both lateral boundaries and though, it still shows me an instable water level at the offshore boundary, it is very strange.

Thanks for your help.