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When adressing a model crash or bug, please remember to include an entire model setup in your post that reproduces the crash or exposes the bug. Also add the XBlog.txt file. This is necessary information for people that are trying to help you. Including your model setup can be achieved by adding the zipped run directory (excluding output) as an attachment to the post.


wave boundary conditions error

Ria Komninou, modified 11 Months ago.

wave boundary conditions error

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Dear XBeach users,

I recently encountered a similar issue in two different projects. They both run successfully for a short term (i.e. 2 months), but when it comes to a long term simulation (1 year) it stops with the following error message:

Error reading file 'q_series00014.bcf' 
Check file for incorrect decimal format, line breaks and tab characters

The boundary condition file in which it crashes varies from case to case and it has been checked that its duration is not longer than other waves that run successfully. I did checks on the flow velocities and waves at the time when it crashes, also looked into the boundary condition file, and tried different model versions (Kingsday, XBeachX), different schemes, CFL...Note that it is run in parallel with 8-16 processors, and with morfac from 20 to 35.

Has anybody encountered this as well or has an idea on what to check?


Thank you very much for your help.