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No waves inside the inlets?

TRAN HUY, modified 9 Days ago.

No waves inside the inlets?

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Hi all,

I am running Xbeach in surfbeat mode. My domain is a tidal inlet where I force the model with a spectral data in SWAN format  from the offshore boundary and two locations for tidal forcing in form of water levels (front: offshore; back: the open boundary inside the inlet). Locations of these forcing data are illustrated  as a figure for Hmean attached. Additionally, the model was also forced with wind data (time, speed, direction); The directional convention is nautical as mentioned in the manual. According to results (one example is attached), the wave inside the inlet (a bay) approaches ZERO. It is so strangle as It was expected that the wind also generates waves, but it seems to me that the model does capture this.

Has anyone experienced this issue before? how could I solve this?

Thank you in advance!