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Anchor Ice approach

Kyle Albert, modified 6 Years ago.

Anchor Ice approach

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Hello all,

In my scenario I need to simulate the effect of anchor ice in the sediment bed. During Alaska winters, the sediment layer can be frozen, thereby inhibiting sediment transport and I would like to be able to include that effect in my model. Any suggestions how this can be done?
Arnold van Rooijen, modified 6 Years ago.

RE: Anchor Ice approach

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Hi Kyle,

There is no direct option in XBeach to include frozen sediment layers, but I see the following two options: use of multiple sediment fractions or applying a non-erodible layer. In the latter case you will have to create a file similar to your bathymetry which contains the sediment thickness per grid point, if you apply zero no sediment transport will occur. When using multiple sediment fractions I can imagine you would add a sediment type with a relatively high grain diameter than is harder to erode. You could play with the D50/D90 to get still some transport, but very limited.

Hope this helps.