RE: XBeach explodes with vegetation

Antonio Espejo, modified 3 Years ago.

XBeach explodes with vegetation

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Dear Xbeach users, 

I'm trying to run some extreme sea states in Old Harbor Bay (Jamaica). I have already run several cases, surfbeat and nonhydristatic with succes in small meshes, but in this case, althougth the model does its job with different spatial resolutions,  if vegetation is included, Xbeach explodes when waves start reaching the mangrove forest, no matter the resolution neither CFL used. The error is due to an unrealistic sea level gradient that always happens close to one grid point with vegetation that generates unrealistic large velocities (see attached figures). For convenience, I uploaded the default configuration case with coarse resolution.

Apart from that I have compiled Xbeach in a Linux cluster to save some time with the computations but with the few rubns that I have launch, it seems that Xbeach parallel is even slower that serial, it happens the same in windows and linux, anybody has experiece this?

Finally, althougth in both systems (windows and linux) im using the same trunk version (1.23.5508M XBeachX BETA), it seems that in the linux version the problem with the paralelization of the vegetation files still persists whereas it seems to be solved in the windows version, but unfortunately to slow to be worthit...


Any help, suggestion will be really apreciated...

Lucas Bindelli, modified 1 Month ago.

RE: XBeach explodes with vegetation

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Hi everybody,

Did anyone manage to solve this issue? I'm having the exact same problem described by Antonio (in my case I'm using version 1.23.5526 XBeachX). My model runs fine without vegetation and even with submerged vegetation, but when it is on the beach (not submerged) the model crashes as soon as the water reaches the vegetation due to high u-velocities.

I'm attaching my model's files in case someone can have a look. Any help is welcome.