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Extreme wave obliquity

Tom Dix, modified 4 Years ago.

Extreme wave obliquity

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I am running a model where the mean wave direction is set at 235 degrees and am seeing severe instability in the waves at the offshore boundary (image attached). The coastline in which I am trying to calibrate the model against has this angle as the morphological wave so it is the angle I need to capture in the model. The wave model is set up as instat 1 with the following parameters:

instat = 1
dir0 = 235
Hrms = 1.0
Tm01 = 4.1

I have a theta range set of -40 - +40 with the theta bin set at 10. I have seen some improvement if I reduce the theta bin to 5. I have also tried reducing the courant number to improve stability and this does not help.

Can you suggest any ways to improve the stability of waves in this setup?