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How could I save the final bathymetry?

ELODIE LAFFITTE, modified 4 Years ago.

How could I save the final bathymetry?

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Sorry if it is a very basic question.

I cut my storm into two parts (on the one hand the erosion, on the oher hand the sandbank coming back).
And I would like to save the final bathymetry of my first part to use it as the initial bathymetry of my second part.

Thanks to the commands :
xbo =xb_read_output(pwd,'vars','zb');
fprintf(fid,' %i\n',bathy_post_tempete);

I get a pretty nice text file.. but with all the different bathymetries calculated during all the computation!

How could I get only the final bathymetry? Is it in the last column of my xs.zb? When I try to read it, I can't even see the differents time series...

Thank you !
sweetz mwtey, modified 1 Month ago.

RE: How could I save the final bathymetry?

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