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MPI on linux

Roham Bakhtyar, modified 4 Years ago.

MPI on linux

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I would like to model storm impacts on beaches and dunes. It will be appreciated if you could help me how can I setup XBeach for the Linux system and also in parallel framework (MPI).
Arnold van Rooijen, modified 3 Years ago.

RE: MPI on linux

Hi Roham,

This post is from some time ago, hopefully you managed to compile XBeach by now.

If not, I'm sorry to tell you that compiling XBeach on Linux is very system-dependent so we can't really offer you advice on this. It's probably best to discuss this with your local IT support. They are probably able to help you if you show them the svn repostory of XBeach.

For MPI on Windows it is a bit easier and you can compile this using MS VIsual Studio and an Intel Fortran Compiler

Hope this helps.