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RE: Library version of XBeach

Fedor Baart, modified 8 Years ago.

Library version of XBeach

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I merged the library version of xbeach into the trunk. A project file is available for windows in the VS2010 solution, this will generate a libxbeach.dll. A version for other platforms can be made using the autotools environment.

The library version is used for the following projects:
* ESMF coupling with Delft3D and Dune for the sand engine and the North Carolina coast.
* Introducing confidence intervals around the forecasts
* Integration of XBeach in Morphan

We do expect a new tools to be available for the automake version:
libtool version > 2.0.0 (older versions don't have fortran 90 support)

The VS2010 now builds the netcdf version by default. The MPI version does not include netcdf support.

Please let me know if you run into any problems (f dot baart at tudelft dot nl)
Bas Hoonhout, modified 8 Years ago.

RE: Library version of XBeach

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The configure script for UNIX environments is removed for now. You can try to create your own using the autogen.sh file. As Fedor said, make sure you have libtool version > 2.0.0 installed and added to your path.

The configure script will be restored soon.

Pieter van Geer, modified 8 Years ago.

RE: Library version of XBeach

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The library version of XBeach is now also available in the VS2008 solution. See posts in the restructure XBeach thread for more information