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Water Level

Sonalier Nathan, modified 3 Years ago.

Water Level

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I'm trying to use XBeach but I'm encountering a problem with xBeach parameters :
In this very simple exemple, I have a bathymetric file (you can see it in blue cercle in the graphic attached).
In the file params.txt, I wrote "zso = 1" in order to make static level at 1m.

But, after running the xbeach code, I see that the water level is at 1m when the bathymetry is under 1m and when the bathymetry joins the water-level, the water-level follows the bathymetry. It means that it can be higher than 1m, which is not what I want and I think it is not normal.

Does anyone has an explenation and a solution to solve it ?

I let the params.txt file and a gaph attached.

Thanks a lot !

sweetz mwtey, modified 3 Months ago.

RE: Water Level

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