Get help using XBeach

After you finished all steps in the Get started menu and have your first XBeach model up and running, it is time for the next step. You probably start with an ambitious modelling plan in which you sooner or later get tangled up. Don't worry! The XBeach documentation website is the place to be:

On the XBeach documentation website you can find the XBeach manual and a variety of tutorials on how to use XBeach and the OpenEarth Matlab Toolbox for XBeach. You can also find a quick referebce of all model parameters that are supported by XBeach. But if you reached the state of being tangled up in your XBeach model, your probably read those a while ago. You'll need some personalized help.

XBeach being open-source and being supported from a variety of funds doesn't come with any support. Of course support and consultancy work can be provided against the usual costs, but it is probably a better idea to reach to the Discussion board. XBeach users can meet here and support each other. Answers become available to the community instantly, preventing the necessity to answer the same question multiple times. Of course, the development team monitors the discussions and contributes if necessary. It's ideal!

Last but not least, you can find lists of publications and movies concerning XBeach. An ever growing collection of experiences and knowledge!