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New compilation options for XBeach

I have tested the XBeach sourcecode with cygwin. I tested it with the following software:

  • libnetcdf-devel (install through the setup.exe from cygwin).
  • libnetcdf
  • pkg-config
  • automake
  • autoconf
  • libtool
  • gfortran (4.5)

I tested xbeach with mpi and netcdf. I compiled and installed mpi by hand because mpi is not available by default in the setup from cygwin and because fortran expects all module files to be built with the same compiler.

The mpi version I tested with is mpich2 (latest version). Make sure you compile both xbeach and mpich2 with the same gfortran compiler. The whole install should go something like this:

tar -xzf mpich.tar.gz

cd mpich

FC=gfortran ./configure


make install

cd ..

cd xbeach

FC=gfortran ./configure --with-mpi --with-netcdf


To check the dependencies (files that should be next to xbeach or in the path) of the generated xbeach.exe, you can type ldd ./xbeach.exe . Please let me know if you get stuck.

I also updated the Visual Studio 2010 files. There is also a c# wrapper available for XBeach. That one is available through the DeltaShell project.


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Pieter van Geer 8 Years Ago
Hi Fedor,

What exactly did you change in the VS2010 files? I cannot find any commit with a change to one of the project files or the solution file.
Fedor Baart 8 Years ago in reply to Pieter van Geer . - Edited
These are the changes between revision 2383 and 2626. (Code tag doesn't work some how)

svn diff -r2383:2626  https://svn.oss.deltares.nl/repos/xbeach/trunk/VS2010@2626




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