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Windows 64-bit configurations

As of revision 2871, the xbeach solution and project files for Visual studio (2008 and 2010) contain configurations for compiling xbeach as a 64-bit executable (x64) instead of a win32 application (x86).

Due to the fact that we do not have a 64 version of the netcdf library yet, netcdf configurations will have to wait a little. We are still working on that.

To compile XBeach for an 64 bit windows platform simply select the right congiruation (be sure to select the x64 platform in the configuration manager) and build the xbeach project (or xbeachlibrary_dynamic in case you would like to build a dll instead of an exe).

In case you experience any problems when compiling the code, please post a message on the forum of this website so other users can benefit from the answers as well.

Happy moddeling!!


P.S. Compiled versions of the 64-bit binaries will be available for download on this website as soon as possible as well.


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