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XBeach Subversion (SVN) repository migrated

Since the release of this XBeach Open-Source Software (OSS) portal, the XBeach Subversion (SVN) repository is migrated to a new location. The same is true for the OpenEarth repositories. The old repository is read-only now and will not receive any updates. If you used other repositories than the XBeach and OpenEarth repositories at the old location, your account will still be valid for those repositories.

In order to start using the new repository, you will need an OSS account. Which is free!. See the instructions in the Get started section on how to register. For more information on how to migrate your working copy, see this WIKI page.

Excuse us for the inconvenience, but the benefits will be significant. You will have single sign-on for all Deltares open-source project websites, Subversion respositories and Message Boards. In the near future the OSS functionalities will be expanded with an issue tracking system and test services that will become accessible with this very same account. User account management is now automated as well.

Happy modelling!

The XBeach Team


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