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50h model run crashes between nh_series*.bcf files

Eddie Beetham, modified 8 Months ago.

50h model run crashes between nh_series*.bcf files

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Hi, I am relatively new to xbeach-G but and have had success running morphodynamic NH simulations for times up to 3-4 hours. I am trying to simulate a 50h wave flume experiment but the model always crashes after 5 - 15 hours and nearly always on the hour, which is possibly to do with a different .bcf file being used. the model actually finishes the 50 hour run but returns NaN values for everything (dt, bl, zs) from the point when it crashed (e.g. 6 hours). All values in the .bcf file time column (nh_series00012.bcf - attached) associated with the error time are NaN, although the U and  Z values are proper numbers. 

Does anyone know whether this error is a result from something going wrong in the model domain, or in the generation of new NH wave boundary files?

Any help to fix this error would be great. Params, bcf and Blog files attached. 

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