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Input time series with instat=8

Tristan Keroullé, modified 7 Months ago.

Input time series with instat=8

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I am trying to run XBeach with the non-hydrostatic mode and forced with a time series of water level. I have decent results with a Jonswap spectra, but I cannot run it properly with the time series.

Actually, I have only the water level time series but don't have any speed data associated with it. As I understand the XBeach manual, the only way to force a model with water level time series is with the keyword "instat=8" and a "Boun_U.bcf" file which must contain time speed and water elevation. I have tried to compute wave speed with the shallow-water relation C=sqrt(g.H) but the waves are way too big (2m with a mean sea level of 1m).

So, is there a way to compute accurately wave speed from surface elevation or is there another option to force the model without the wave speed?

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