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2D simulation by Jonswap wave condition

Ying-Chi Chen, modified 7 Months ago.

2D simulation by Jonswap wave condition

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Hello dear all,

I am  running a 2D model with Jonswap wave condition.(instat=jons)

The grid is made by Delft3D, the mesh size is 1m in x-, y- direction.

the detail of bcfile is: 

Hm0        = 1.62
fp            = 0.178
mainang    = 270
gammajsp   = 3.3000
s          = 20.0000
fnyq       = 1.0000

I read some suggestion about the thetamin and thetamax to set up, my main wave angel is 270, so i set up like below

thetamin  = 225
thetamax  = 315
dtheta      = 15 (wave bins=6 )
thetanaut = 1

Because wave bin isn't equal to 1, it will produce the wave interaction like diffraction if I realized correct. I will build some breakwater in the future, so I set the dtheta=15 )

When I run the case, no error happened, but the Hrms result is so weird I think, like the attachment.

The wave main angle is 270 from the west but the wave height still can't get high in the area (y=100m~120m).

From the Hrms distribution, it seems that the wave comes from NW.

How can I solve it to change some parameters?

Is it related to the parameters (thetamin, thetamax, and dtheta)?

Thanks in advance