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Problem with xb_get_morpho

Marcello Farenga, modified 2 Months ago.

Problem with xb_get_morpho

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Hi everyone! I am working on XBeach for my degree thesis. I've run a simulation and got output correctly, but I'm having a problem when I ask matlab to give me morphological information, using the line xb_get_morpho, to know erosion and sedimentation volume.

The error i get is this one:

Error using findCrossings (line 61)
x1 and z1 should be vectors with the same size.

Error in xb_get_sedero (line 94)
    [xc zc] = findCrossings(x,z(1,:),x,z(i,:));

Error in xb_get_morpho (line 93)
[sed ero dz R Q P] = xb_get_sedero(x,zb,'level',OPT.level);

Any suggestion? Do I have to attach my output file?

Thanks everybody ;)