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XBEACH - SWAN Nesting Matlab Toolbox doesn't work

Oussama Marzouk, modified 1 Month ago.

XBEACH - SWAN Nesting Matlab Toolbox doesn't work

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Hello XBEACH users,


I am finding difficulties with nesting SWAN to XBEACH. I want to use the Energy Spectrum output from SWAN (.sp2 file) for the wave boundary input in XBEACH.

I downloaded the Swan nesting matlab functions, and i wanted to use the xb_swan_read.m function and read my .sp2 swan energy spectrum.

I get every time a matlab error : " Undefined function or variable 't' ". in the section (case) NODATA in the xb_swan_read.m function.

Is there another way of reading my spectrum file ?
Is there something i am doing wrong ?

I put the matlab function and my swan spectrum file attached with this thread.


Please Help me and thank you for your efforts.