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Fast1D versus 1D run

Silvia Unguendoli, modified 1 Month ago.

Fast1D versus 1D run

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Hi all, 

I'm working on a Coastal Early Warning System in which XBeach was implement to provide warning on coastal risk. We have to use XBeach in monodimensional mode because of the need to have "early" warnings. We have some doubts on the choise between XBeach 1D (ny=2) and fast1D (ny=0). 

We obtain divergent results by changing this setting and hence my questions are:

- What are the advantages to use 1D respect to fast1D? I know well that the fast1D simulations are more rapid than the others. But how about the results?

- What is the better choice and what is this choice based on? What are the conditions to choice fast1D respect to 1D?

- One setup can be defined "more accurate" than the other?


Thank you very much 

Silvia Unguendoli