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As of revision 2871, the xbeach solution and project files for Visual studio (2008 and 2010) contain configurations for compiling xbeach as a 64-bit executable (x64) instead of a win32 application (x86). Due to the fact that we do not have a 64 version of the netcdf library yet, netcdf configurations will have to wait a little. We are still working on that. To compile XBeach for an...


Today we released a new version of XBeach! You can download pre-build executables from the download page or build your own be referring to the following Subversion tag: https://svn.oss.deltares.nl/repos/xbeach/tags/2012-04-06-XBeach-V19-easter The last release is from July 14th 2010 (Quatorze Juillet) and a lot has changed since then. This release (Easter) is more robust, has a variety...


Today, we unexpectedly started an issue tracker for XBeach. You can find it here: http://oss.deltares.nl/web/xbeach/issue-tracker/ At this moment, the issue tracker is not yet connected to the OSS login, so you can only login using the guest account (both username and password are "guest"). Any posts are therefore not yet attached to a specific user. Please be so kind to mention your name...


  In revisions 2660 to 2687 old branches have been deleted to cleanup unused branches. The last revision commits a file with a list of the branches that got deleted (including the exact revision number). If one of the branches was still active or someone needs information from a deleted branch, it is possible to restore the branch locally or on the repos. Therefore one needs to:   *...


I have tested the XBeach sourcecode with cygwin. I tested it with the following software: libnetcdf-devel (install through the setup.exe from cygwin). libnetcdf pkg-config automake autoconf libtool gfortran (4.5) I tested xbeach with mpi and netcdf. I compiled and installed mpi by hand because mpi is not available by default in the setup from cygwin and because...


Since the release of this XBeach Open-Source Software (OSS) portal, the XBeach Subversion (SVN) repository is migrated to a new location. The same is true for the OpenEarth repositories. The old repository is read-only now and will not receive any updates. If you used other repositories than the XBeach and OpenEarth repositories at the old location, your account will still be valid for those...


Subsequent to the Delft3D Open Source Community, now the XBeach Open Source Community is online at the Deltares Open Source Software website. In this portal the former XBeach Google Group and the most important parts of the XBeach space in the Deltares Public WIKI are merged and more! The Google Group discussion list is replaced by the Messag Board on this website. The discussions and users...

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