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Key publications

These key publications describe the formulations, developments and validations of XBeach:

Modelling storm impacts on beaches, dunes and barrier islands. Roelvink, D., Reniers, A., Van Dongeren, A. P., de Vries, J. V. T., McCall, R., & Lescinski, J. (2009)

Two-dimensional time dependent hurricane overwash and erosion modeling at Santa Rosa Island. McCall, R. T., De Vries, J. V. T., Plant, N. G., Van Dongeren, A. R., Roelvink, J. A., Thompson, D. M., & Reniers, A. J. H. M. (2010)
Modeling the effect of wave-vegetation interaction on wave setup. Van Rooijen, A. A., McCall, R. T., Van Thiel de Vries, J. S. M., Van Dongeren, A. R., Reniers, A. J. H. M., & Roelvink, J. A. (2016)
Improving predictions of swash dynamics in XBeach: The role of groupiness and incident-band runup. Roelvink, D., McCall, R., Mehvar, S., Nederhoff, K., & Dastgheib, A. (2018)
Numerical modeling of low-frequency wave dynamics over a fringing coral reef. Van Dongeren, A. P., Lowe, R., Pomeroy, A., Trang, D. M., Roelvink, D., Symonds, G., & Ranasinghe, R. (2013).


For a complete list of all XBeach publication and master thesis's see the overview on Google Scholar, Sciencedirect or TUDelft repository:

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