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source code & exe

Daily builds

XBeach is tested and validated automatically and also (almost) on a daily basis (see Validation). For these tests, XBeach is compiled on an (almost) daily basis as well. These executables are published automatically to the list below. In order to run the NetCDF version these additional files should be on the system path (by placing them next to the executable for example).

Not all types of executables are compiled every day. Also, these executable are published before being tested. Therefore these executables may contain arbitrary bugs. Please consider the revision number (rev. XXXX) to determine whether the executable is up-to-date and suitible for your purpose.

XBeach executables

xbeach archive

See the archive for previous builds.

source code & exe

Source code


Here you can find the XBeach model in a variety of flavours. First, we distinguish the source code and the pre-compiled executables. The source code can be obtained from the Subversion repository, while pre-compiled executables come in daily versions or (approximately) yearly releases. Second, we distinguish different types of executables. When compiling XBeach yourself, you can choose whatever type you like, but the pre-compiled executables come in four variations:

  • Regular

  • MPI (Message Passing Interface)

  • netCDF

  • MPI + netCDF

The regular type of XBeach does not support parallel processing (MPI), nor netCDF output. The MPI version supports parallel processing using MPICH2. The netCDF version supports the netCDF output format. And of course the MPI + netCDF version supports both. All, but the reguar type need external libraries to run, which are freely available (also at the bottom of this page).



If you really need to be state of the art in XBeach modelling, you can obtain the source code from the Subversion repository and compile it yourself. You can use the same credentials you use to login to this portal website. If you do not have a username yet, please register through the link in the upper-right corner of this page. You can find a compilation manual in the Get started section.


Third party software (NetCDF, MPICH2)

Next to the xbeach.exe program some other libraries and/or installs are necessary to get XBeach going. When using a netcdf version of XBeach on windows, some additional dlls are needed (included in the document folders below). Also when running a version of XBeach that supports MPI (running the job on multiple cores of your computer) additional software (MPICH2) is needed. The newest source code and releases of MPICH2 can be found on the MPICH project website. Since releases of MPICH do not always contain windows installers (and the installers that are there are hard to find) we included windows installers for both win32 and x64 operating systems on our site. See the document library below. Both the netcdf dlls and the mpich installers are available for 32 bit and 645 bit operating systems. Be sure that the downloaded xbeach.exe, third party software match the needs of your operating system (a 64-bit OS can run both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, a 32-bit OS can only run 32-bit applications. Be aware that a 64-bit xbeach.exe needs 64-bit thrid party software and a 32-bit xbeach.exe needs 32-bit third party software).

Documents and Media


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