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XBeach is a stand-along model that doesn't require many external applications. However, this page lists several applications and tools that can make modelling using XBeach much more convenient. Again, all tools are free of charge.

Matlab Toolbox

A Matlab Toolbox to set-up and run XBeach models is built. The toolbox provides functions to read and analyze model output as well. It is available through the OpenEarthTools repository or can be downloaded as stand-alone toolbox below. You can find tutorials on how to use the toolbox on the Tutorials page.

The stand-alone toolboxes below have limited functionality. They depent on other functions in the OpenEarthTools toolbox that are not shipped along due to limitations in for example size. Use a checkout of the OpenEarthTools Matlab toolbox for full functionality (

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  • Delft3D tools


    QuickPlot is shipped with the Delft3D model and has, amongst others, the possibility to visualize netCDF data. Also the netCDF files generated by XBeach are accessible using QuickPlot. The QuickPlot viewing possibilities are extensive compared to the possibilities of the Matlab Toolbox.


    Also RGFGrid is shipped with the Delft3D model and is used to generate bathymetric grids. It also supports curviliear grids, which are supported by XBeach, but not by the Matlab Toolbox.