RE: Installation SWAN in MAC OS

JunYoung Seo, modified 11 Days ago.

Installation SWAN in MAC OS

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Hello, I am JunYoung.
I am new to SWAN. I want to install on MAC OS, but I'm having a lot of difficulties from the first step.
I downloaded the installation file from this link( and started the installation as attached files.
However, like attached file, I failed to install and was not able to still solve the problem because I do not understand the exact meaning of it.
​​​​​​​What should I do to solve this? Please, I would like to ask for help. Thank you :)
Gabriel Ruiz, modified 9 Days ago.

RE: Installation SWAN in MAC OS

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Hi JuYoung,

from the compilation message, I can see you are trying to compile in parallel mode, it means you are trying to use mpi. Do you have installed the mpi libraries on your Mac? The Fortran compiler says you that it does not find those libraries. My advice would be that first, you should try to compile in serial mode.  Try to publish your doubts in the swanmodel-users mailing list, maybe there, you will find more support from the Swan modellers.