RE: Error when using xb_run

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Error when using xb_run

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Hi,I'm relatively new to XBeach and I'm trying to use xbr = xb_run('params.txt') to write a 1D XBeach structure in a file path that includes all appropriate files referenced in the 'params.txt' file. The goal is to use already developed bathymetry, non-erodible layer, tide, and all associated files then vary jonswap wave and surge in looped runs to assess the level of erosion resulting from various wave and surge combinations. From my research, it seems like using xb_run in MATLAB will be the best way to develop this analysis but I continue to get errors when running the xb_run('params.txt') command. In an effort to troubleshoot, I used the Microsoft cmd command to call the XBeach binary tool and process the same set of files without issue. This helped clean up some of the errors I was seeing when running the xb_run('params.txt') but now I'm stuck at the following error: Invalid opti bedfriction :manning
 Valid option bedfriction are:
I haven't had any luck searching the forum or other help information online to find a solution. I've even done a line by line comparison of the XBlog for the successfully run Microsoft cmd command analysis and the XBlog produced from the xb_run('params.txt') but that hasn't helped.
Any insight regarding where I may be making a mistake will be greatly appreciated!- Brian
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RE: Error when using xb_run

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I am also facing the same issue. Did you find the solution to include it in Applinked?