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null Wave-induced currents
vassilis afentoulis, modified 1 Year ago.

Wave-induced currents

Capillary Posts: 1 Join Date: 12/6/15
Hello XBeach users,

I would like to discuss with you an issue that I had running XBeach model in non-hydrostatic mode. My goal is to apply the model, considering quasi-shore normal waves (Hs= 1.9 m, Tp=7.7 s), in a coastal zone with intense bathymetric gradients. In the attached figures you can see the related outputs concerning the mean averaged velocities, instantaneous surface elevation and model's bathymetry. My main concern is related to the fact that significantly strong velocities can be observed in a depth of about -4 m with random directions, in a zone where important bathymetric slopes appear (around 15-20%).

I would like to hear your comments  and remarks on this issue.

Kind regards,

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